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Brian Donohue

God rest his soul. Bill was a
wonderful man who gave me my start with BBDO. I met him in San Francisco (after interviewing for 8 months with various BBDO reps) and he started me in Atlanta GA under the supervision of Larry Bounds. Bill was one of the great ad guys ever.

Brian Donohue

Gene Cagle

My aunt's first husband was Clovis Ketron (Ketrin?) I know he died late in the war while flying the "hump" into China. I believe he piloted C-47s and not B-25s. My aunt Faye McPherson (maiden name) re-married Tommy Hisey (antoher Pacific veteran) sometime around 1947-48. I recall that Clovis was from Spur, Texas. Could this be the same Clovis Ketron? It was my understanding that his body was never recovered.

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